Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 4 - E-Commerce: Online Shopping for Noobs

When I was a 12-year-old hyperactive girl, I hated shopping just because my mom would drag me through the aisles of OG and Tangs and while she does 'window shopping' *ahem*, I would be Thoribbly bored to death (of course back then, I didn't have an iPhone to keep me occupied). So I have always dreaded shopping and did not understand why girls have to like shopping. So if you asked me about shopping and fashion back then, I'll be like

Well, at 17, I became more appreciative of shopping just because I believe we should look decent and not too haggard (though nowadays I don't really care anymore :p). That happened to be the time online shopping started picking up...and fast. My friends had already jumped onto the bandwagon and bought really pretty dresses and accessories (I do not disagree, really!) to adorn themselves with. While I've only began letting myself travel to malls to shop, my friends were already at home clicking and filling their shopping carts with potential buys. I REALLY needed some catching up to do!!

So here is my a-little-vain attempt to give you an insight of what online shopping is all about...and hopefully it helps you!!

According to Wikipedia, online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. It is also known as e-shopping.

1. What travel cost? You're just one click away!
For lazy bummers like me who are socially awkward when it comes to shopping, online shops give you the privilege(really) to shop away comfortably in your PJs. Online shopping gives you the privilege of 'stocking up' without having to fuse over what to wear out to town especially when you have an elegantly sparse closet to begin with. Once the goods arrive at your doorstep, you can be your own model and strut your stuff in the comforts of your own home. (or am I the only one who puts on my newest buys once I get my clothes?)

That's me alone at home

2. Comparing prices and getting the cheapest deals.
Not all sites offer this feature, but for some sites, you can compare prices and shipping fee for the same or similar item! An added value of online shopping is that you have a wide variety of clothes you want to buy and for the most part, you might end up either buying everything or not buying at all. Look out for flash deals as well. A flash deal is a deal that last for 24 hours (Deal of the day) and then they're gone, but prices get cut much more than originally given.

3. Shop anywhere and at anytime. (wow, I'm at a risk of sounding like a television advert)
Now major outlets like Forever 21, ZARA, Pull&Bear and Bershka have mobile apps so you don't have to have a desktop or laptop in front of you to shop! You can surf through the catalog of new arrivals within a bus ride to school, or make a last minute impulsive purchase on a popular good (not that you should, but hey, pamper yourself once in a while) during crunch time.

   Wow I really like cold/winter wear!!

4. Discover your style and the latest fashion trends through lookbooks.
I'm a fashion noob (yes, even though I am constantly bombarded with advertisements of girls in pretty chick or classy dresses.I asked a good friend, "How do you know what to wear?" to which she replied "look at the lookbooks, you'll get an idea." A lookbook is a set of photographs displaying the fashion stores' new collection, style and clothing line. What I loved about lookbooks is that they helped me find out my style and helped me to sieve through the types of clothes I will really wear (and not wish I could wear :p)

5. Read customer feedback.
Perhaps by far the first thing my friends would do to before clicking "Buy" or even "Add To Cart". Website recommendations use effective advertising strategies and before you know it, you have 20 items in your cart. Check with what the customers say, those are more unbiased reviews and you'll learn about what goes and what stays. Also, if you're afraid of getting cheated by the seller, look out for customer reviews that warn you so. If you don't trust the site, don't use it. However, most sites are reliable.

6. Does it fit you? Try it on.
One reason that prevents me from trying online shopping was the fear of unfitting clothes and it's usually because it's too small for me. Here's a really simple solution to that: Nowadays online sites have virtual fitting rooms and even catwalks for you to get an idea of how you would look in real life. Augmented reality is really cool, but to get a more accurate feel of the cutting and sizing, I suggest collecting information of all your potential buys and make a trip down to physical stores before buying.

7. Lastly, reward yourself but WATCH YOUR SPENDING! One purchase is just one click away! You don't see actual money leaving your wallet so the money you've spent doesn't sink in until the bill comes demanding you to pay more than you perceived to have spent.

hehehe Star Trek hehehe Benedict Cumberbatch is cool hehehe

For those who, like majority of my girl friends, already know the basics of online shopping, and wouldn't mind making some pickpocket money from starting a small online shop, here's Shopify, an online service that will help you host your mini business!

Shopify is an online service providing the platform for you to start an online store. You don't have to be an expert, in fact you don't need to have any technical or design experience to start one through Shopify! Shopify also allows for a 14-day free trial, oh man I really want to try this! (If you're interested, let me know heh)

P.S. I have learnt the art of adding gifs #newbloggingskillachieved

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