Sunday, September 8, 2013

Week 1 - 5 Reasons why I use the Internet

I use the Internet because it gives me access to places while I am on the go. The Internet is the interconnection of networks, which in short gives us the power to access almost all kinds of information and knowledge out there in the world. You can Google what you want within a few seconds of pressing the Enter button. No wonder there is a saying that goes "Google is your best friend". Here are some of the reasons why I like to use the Internet (in no particular order):

1. The Internet is accessible everywhere! (well, almost.) Having my iPhone 4 with me everywhere I go allows me to access the Internet straight away. One swipe of the "slide to unlock" button can bring me straight into YouTube and load a video. With a 3G data plan, I can access it without worrying about the lack of WiFi. However, there are also a minority of places or districts where there is no accessible signal so even if I had a data plan, I would not have any access to the Internet.

More appliances are now connected to the Internet. My printer, television, xbox and PS3 are now able to get connected to the Internet. How can one not escape from the abundant accessibility! According to my lecturer, even refrigerators and microwave ovens might become connected online as well! The thought that my refrigerator can deny me access due to calories count is rather amusing... and maybe annoying.

2. Internet links you up to tutorials through YouTube and many other video sharing sites. The ability to watch videos online is a huge given as to why I like to use the Internet. Searching "how to beatbox" or "Do You Love Me dance tutorial" can bring you to a wide array of simple tutorials for all levels of expertise, especially for beginners like me. Nowadays, we don't have to sign up for a guitar class and pay a hefty amount just to pick up this skill. But of course, the Internet can't keep you disciplined. If you're not disciplined enough to learn and practice, you would have to pay for it.

3. It helps with storage optimization. Due to digitalization(basically, the conversion of prints to digital formats), I am able to download and read magazines and books through my MacBook Air or iPad without having to store books in shelves. Although I'm a fan of the physical books, I live in a small apartment that is getting very much clustered. Thus for magazines and books that have become obsolete or have lost my interest, I would have to discard it. Going instead of print, especially for magazines because, will save me the trouble of limited storage and maybe even the guilt for wasting paper!

4. With the recent addition of Apple TV at home, my family can download and pay a small amount, say $7, for any High-definition movie and watch it in the comfort of our own home! We don't have to pay for car fuel consumption due to traveling to the theatres, nor do we need to pay a total of $21 for the tickets! I can even watch Sherlock, a highly recommended television series broadcasted by BBC, multiple times at a much cheaper price than importing the DVDs (which can be $50 or more)!

5. Live streaming - taking over the Television? One major factor is the ability to access television shows live while they are being broadcasted on television sets at the same time. I have been recently addicted to Running Man and watching through live streaming sites keeps me engage. Since we are able to watch shows through the computers or tablets, televisions might one day become obsolete if they do not think up of ways to up their standards. Which explains why Samsung is now integrating their television sets with the Internet!

Most of the time, youths use the Internet for entertainment! Yes basically anything that is entertaining can be found through the Internet. From watching movies and television shows, listening to music to reading ebooks, youths and young adults alike can be constantly engaged and entertained. The Internet is now a world not governed by a country, not run by corporations, but now controlled and owned by individuals. It is a free platform yet it is highly controlled by the world.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed reading this post, do leave your comments below! Do you agree? Or disagree? (: or popcorn any thoughts that you have about this!

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  1. i think i'd cry if my refrigerator denied me access because of calories